BT Sticks
BT STicks

        I had been training horses for 13 years when a bad shoulder injury let me know I wasn’t getting any younger and I needed a new career that I loved just as much.

        This is where my lovely wife enters the picture: she also trained horses but on her off weekends she was interested in sheep herding with her Border Collies. So one day, with the help of a very basic lathe, I decided to surprise her with a “custom” herding crook that I had made just for fun. She loved it, and so did her friends, and soon I found myself making more and more of them.

        Soon I was branching out in to other areas of woodworking from crooks, to tables, to even wine stoppers. What had started out as a hobby has now grown, with the encouragement of my wife, into the business I have today.

        Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoyed creating them!


A short, long story...

Donald is ready for the party and cake, but mostly the cake.